2016-17 Levy Projects

2016-17 Capital Levy Project Summary:
HVAC Controls
Replaced obsolete hvac controls hardware and associated cabling.  This was the second and final phase of controls upgrades for the high school campus.
hvac controls image
Elementary Heat Pumps
Heat pumps for the elementary multipurpose room/gym failed and had to be replaced ahead of the intended schedule.  This work was done during the school year with minimal impact on school activities.  The remainder of the heat pump replacements will be done in the near future.
heat pump image
HS Portable Removal
The three old portables at the high school campus dating back to the 1980's were no longer needed and were surplussed.  They were offered out to other districts and agencies, but we were unable to find a buyer.  They were torn down and the space they opened up may be used for other projects.
high school portable image
Room and Office Painting
Approximately 40 offices, gyms and classrooms were painted during the summer of 2017.  This included areas at both the high school campus and the elementary south campus.  This work gave classrooms a fresh look as students from the Langley Middle School campus transitioned to our Maxwelton sites.
image of hallway painting
Carpeting at HS and South Campus
This project replaced old carpet at both the high school and elementary south campus sites.  29 classrooms, the office and library were done at the high school and 7 classes at the elementary south campus received new carpet.  Walk-off areas also received larger permanent carpet, helping to keep debris out of the schools.
carpet image
HS Intercom System
The high school intercom was the oldest in the district, dating to the 1980s.  It had become increasingly unreliable over the years and was not capable of running the multiple bell schedules required for both the high school and middle school programs. 

The new intercom provides much more flexibility in terms of scheduling, is easier to use and incorporates new technology to allow us to respond to emergencies more effectively.
intercom image
South Campus Roof, Soffit and Fascia Repairs
A number of issues related to the roofing at the south campus were addressed in this project.  Flashing and drainage issues were corrected.  Soffit damage was repaired and soffits painted.  Fascia boards were replaced and fascia painted.

This work greatly improved the look of the campus and will extend the life of the structure.
soffit repair image
High School Scoreboard Replacements
The main gym and athletic field scoreboards were replaced.  The old boards had deteriorated to the point that bulbs could not be replaced and the controls were not reliable. 

The new scoreboards use LED technology, are brighter, easier to service and provide much more flexibility for different types of athletic events.  The displays are digital and can be programed for basketball, soccer, football, track, volleyball and basically any other sport or activity.  They can also display still and video images.

A significant portion of the cost for the new scoreboards will be coming through advertising.  Local businesses have signed up for fixed and video advertising contracts.
 high school scoreboard images
Science Storage Cabinets
Two classrooms serving the middle school science program did not have adequate storage cabinets.  New cabinets were purchased and installed by the maintenance department.
science storage cabinet image
Elementary Kitchen Design Services & Equipment
The elementary school kitchen was originally designed as a "serving" kitchen.  It lacked proper cooking and refrigeration equipment for regular food service preparation. 

In winter 2017, a firm was hired to provide design and engineering services for a full kitchen remodel.  Equipment for the project was purchased as well, including a walk-in fridge/freezer, stove, ovens, dishwasher and other items.  The district did not receive bids on the project, so it was completed in summer 2018.
elementary kitchen stove image
Breezeway Enclosure at High School
The high school breezeway was an open hallway on the second floor above the kitchen area.  It was a chronic source of blown debris as well as water which would leak down into the kitchen/cafeteria areas.  This open area was also responsible for a significant amount of heat loss in the building. 

The district had the breezeway enclosed with thermal pane windows trimmed to match the existing windows.  The end result is a much more comfortable indoor environment for our students and staff and increased our energy efficiency in the building.
high school breezeway image
Student Furniture
This project completed the last big purchase of new student furniture for middle and high school classrooms.  These desks and chairs matched previous furnishings which have been found to work well for staff and students.
furniture image
Water Bottle Filling Stations
The district received a grant to purchase and install new drinking fountain/water bottle filling stations.  These new devices track water use and also include filtration.  They were installed at the high school and elementary school sites.
 drinking fountain image
Septic System Risers
Much work has been done on the waste water system at the south campus.  Risers (not required when the system was built) were installed on the septic tank and distribution boxes.  These additions greatly enhance our ability to inspect and service this important part of our infrastructure.
riser image
New Lockers for MS Students
When the 7th and 8th grade students moved to the HS/MS campus, additional lockers were needed.  They were purchased and installed upstairs in the MS wing.  The new lockers blended well with existing lockers in design and placement and the students were thrilled to have their own new lockers.
 high school locker image
Other Projects
Other projects this year include:  Misc. office and staff furniture;  new fire alarm power supply;  misc. hvac work;  new ice machine for the kitchen; new plumbing fixtures for the south campus and high school;  new outside lighting timers;  other waste treatment system improvements;  soffit heaters for the high school;  new hot water tanks;  electrical metering equipment;  whiteboards for classrooms;  new doors and locks.
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