2018-19 Levy Projects

2018-19 Capital Levy Project Summary:
    (Current year projects - Will be updated periodically during this year.)

High School Walk-in Freezer
New HVAC compressor and coil for the kitchen walk-in freezer.  Both the inside and outside units were replaced in this project.  The freezer now defrosts correctly, holds temperature, is more efficient and uses newer environmentally friendly refrigerant.
South Campus Walk-in Freezer
New HVAC compressor and coil for the south campus kitchen walk-in refrigerator.  This unit has had problems for some time and was at end of life.  The freezer will be due for replacements in the near future.
Elementary Kitchen Walk-in Shelving
Shelving was purchased for the new walk-in refrigeration unit at the elementary school kitchen.  We worked with staff on their needs to maximize storage.  The new shelving has locking casters to facilitate cleaning and inspections.
Elementary and South Campus Plumbing Fixtures
New plumbing fixtures for all locations at both the elementary and south campus sites were purchased in November 2018.  Installation began in December with high priority locations, and will continue into spring 2019.
HS/MS Climbing Wall
A new climbing wall was purchased and will be installed this summer in the HS/MS mat room.  This wall and other new equipment for the mat room has helped make this a flexible facility for P.E. instruction.
Elementary Furniture
New library and tech lab furniture was purchased for the elementary school.  The new furniture provides more flexibility and meets health department requirements.

New Heat Pump
A new heat pump was installed at the elementary for a classroom unit that failed.  This was one of the remaining original units scheduled for replacement in the near future.
New Intercoms
The intercom systems at the elementary school and south campus are being replaced this summer.  The new systems address a number of concerns and limitations, including:  Inability to synchronize clocks and schedules between sites; clocks that no longer work; existing digital clocks do not help students learn to read analog clocks; lack of support for multiple bell schedules.
The new systems, like the new HS intercom, will resolve these issues and provide better communication support for emergency notifications.  The systems at all three sites can now interact to coordinate messages in the event of an emergency.

Portable Removal

One of the portable structures between the South Campus and garden area has not been used for years and had fallen into disrepair.  It was removed in June.  The area will be graded, seeded and used as additional field space.