2017-18 Levy Projects

2017-18 Capital Levy Project Summary:

South Campus Septic System Improvements
The south campus septic system was upgraded with new pumps, floats and controls to allow better monitoring and control.  As part of this project, repairs and other improvements were made to the septic tank and drainfield.
septic pump control image
South Campus Gym Flooring
The south campus multipurpose/gym facility was carpeted many years ago.  The carpet was old and difficult to keep clean.  The gym is now used exclusively for 5th/6th physical education.  As such, carpeting is not the preferred flooring for PE activities.  Over winter break, the old carpet was removed and the floor prepped and covered with a high density, foam backed synthetic floor.  It was lined for a variety of sports and anchors for volleyball standards were installed.  The new floor and equipment has been greatly appreciated by students and staff.
gym floor image 
Video Security Multiple Sites
The district began installing video security cameras back in 2008-09.  Individual cameras have been added over time, but coverage is still limited.  This project expands coverage at both elementary school sites and the community center.  Video coverage complements what we are doing with access control and provides an additional level of security for our students and staff.
security camera image
New Doors and Locks
As part of our improvements with building security and access control, outside doors at the high school were re-keyed.  Staff and authorized guests now use their ID card to enter the building.

Additional broken doors were replaced as well.
lock image
Access Control System Multiple Sites
As we begin to accommodate more and more users in our facilities, ease of access and control of access to buildings becomes increasingly important.  In order to better control facility access and deal more cost-effectively with lost keys, an electronic access control system using proximity cards is recommended.  This project addresses access into buildings from the outside as well as limited general use interior areas such as gyms and libraries.  These controls already exist at the high school.  This project extends the system to the elementary schools and the community center.
access control ID card
New Cooler Door
As part of the reconfiguration of the cooler facility to make it more flexible as a rental space and to provide a separation between the two rented sides, the district installed a new fire/safety exit door in order for the modified space to comply with fire exit requirements.
This project involved cutting a hole in the cooler wall, building a landing with safety railings and stairs for the exterior side of the exit and installing the new door.
gym door
New Roof South Campus Portable
One of the portable buildings at the south campus needed a roof replacement.  Some decking and fascia boards were also replaced.  This was done in the spring.
roof image
School Gym Wall Padding
The protective padding on gym walls has deterioriated over time.  This project repaired or replaced padding in 6 district gymnasiums.  It also expanded coverage along walls to make our facilities safe for a wider variety of activities.
gym wall padding image
High School Main Gym Audio System
The existing main gym audio system was damaged and not working correctly.  The main speakers, amplifiers, and input devices need to be replaced and installed in such a way as to avoid future damage. Additional equipment to protect the system was needed as well as new microphones.

This purchase provided four new main speakers, new amplifiers, new media player with bluetooth and direct cable input options, two wireless hand-held microphones and one headset microphone, new rack and a digital signal processor with remote control to protect the system.
audio equipment image
New Risers For Gyms and Stage
The district built plywood risers many years ago.  These risers were used for a variety of events,  most notably at high school and middle school graduation.  The old risers were difficult to move and took up a huge amount of space when stored.  They also required frequent repairs and re-painting.  With continued deterioration, the decision was made to replace them.

This purchase provided a flexible and portable riser solution for district use.  The risers come from Wegner’s StageTek line of products.  The units are 4’ x 8’ (like the old risers) and come in four heights.  Some are adjustable, allowing us to arrange them into a large, single-height platform if needed.  They come with safety railings, and carts for efficient storage and transport. 

new riser image
Elementary School Kitchen Remodel
The elementary kitchen remodel project was delayed one year due to lack of bidders.  We successfully bid the project and the remodel work was completed over the summer. 

The original kitchen was built for serving meals that were prepared at another site and delivered to the kitchen.  It never had a range, exhaust hood, sufficient cold storage and other equipment needed for a fully functional kitchen.

This remodel completely rebuilt the kitchen from floor to ceiling.  They now have a proper range, ovens, exhaust hood, walk-in fridge and new walls, floor and ceiling.
elementary kitchen image
Floor Maintenance Equipment
A new floor machine was purchased for use at the south campus, primarily for maintaining the new gym floor.  It has proven to be a huge time saver over hand mopping.
 floor machine image
Elementary Flooring
The last remaining areas needing new carpet at the elementary campus were completed over the summer.  The areas included the library, music room, office spaces and the technology lab.  The new carpet matches carpet already installed in the building.
carpet image
HVAC Equipment for HS and South Campus

Rooftop HVAC systems at the High School and South Campus sites were due for replacement.  6 of the units were non-functional.   The other 6 had partial functionality. The units are well past their expected lifespan.  The units serve the high school auditorium, main office and library as well as the South Campus office areas.

This project replaced 11 existing heat pumps with new TraneTM equipment with higher efficiency and of similar heating/cooling capacity.  All 11 were rooftop units requiring placement using a crane.

heat pump image
Other Projects
 Waste treatment system improvements;  ice machine for nurses and athletics;  new plumbing fixtures where needed;  water storage tank improvents at water plant;  electrical improvements;  furnishing for nurse's clinic;  classroom whiteboards and furniture;  hvac pumps and other equipment;  other staff furniture;  new fridge for nurse clinic;  new fencing;  fire hydrant improvements;  audio equipment for HS auditorium.
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