CEE Survey 2019

On Friday, September 13th, a survey was emailed to all students’ primary family email addresses and will be emailed to all staff. This is an online, multiple-choice survey from research.net on behalf of lloyd@effectiveness.org. The survey will have the subject line: EES Survey – South Whidbey School District and will include a link to the survey.  This is not SPAM. We ask that you please complete and submit the survey by September 27, 2019. Students in grades 5-12 will also take an online survey during school.

The survey is confidential and anonymous.  Once the users submit their feedback, they will no longer be able to login to the survey.   Emails are not attached to the responses. CEE protects the confidentiality of each respondent and does not disaggregate into groups smaller than 10. ‚Äč Your email invitation is unique to you – please do not share or forward your email. You will receive a survey for each building that your children are in. However, if you have multiple students in one building, you will only receive one survey for that building.

This survey has been used with over 750,000 educational stakeholders in the Western U.S.   Based on these experiences, here are some notes / details:
       -  This survey is formative, not evaluative.  There is no “final score” that indicates “good” or “bad.”  The data from the survey will be used to stimulate improvement conversations with staff and leadership.
       -  The context of this survey is primarily the individual school building.  There are some “district” level items and these will specifically reference “In this district...”.   Each building will receive their building-level reports and the district leadership team will receive district-level summary views. 

 The information that we receive will be reported back to us as a building profile.  This profile will provide us with information to support our building school improvement plans.   We value your input as we strive to continue to improve our school.   Thank you for your participation and feedback.


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